Saturday, May 10, 2014

Car Sick/Sea Sick/Morning Sick/Sick Sick

 When we drive to Guatemala City, we have to go through all kinds of winding mountain roads.

It is not for the faint of heart.

When we first knew that we would be moving here, my biggest fear was flying off the sides of one of these cliffs.

It was not being shot. It was not being kidnapped. It was not being robbed.

It was flying off the side of a mountain.

Reader: That seems odd Sarah. You have so many scarier things to worry about in Guatemala? Why a car flying off a mountain?

Well, when we first stayed here for a while with Julio and Lucki, (our ministry partners) we would drive to the city with Julio and he would say things, very nonchallantly like, “Oh look. A car must have flown off the side of the mountain. There is a group of people standing right there looking down at it. Want to go look?” Or “Hey look. A guy got hit by a car. I think he’s dead.”

This gave me anxiety I didn’t know even existed in me.

(If you will check out this post, you will see that for the most part, I am not an anxious person.)

Except for when driving through the mountains of Guatemala.

Two weeks ago when we drove in to the city, we passed an 18-wheeler on its side with a crushed truck underneath it.

The truck drivers here get drunk and drive. This ends with people flying off mountains, getting hit by cars, and being crushed by 18 wheelers.

We see it a lot.

Reader: That is so sad, and I realize this is going to sound so rude, but are you going to talk about oils in this post?

Reader you are kind of impatient. You need to chill a little. You interrupt a lot.

Anyways, we are currently driving to Guatemala City to celebrate my little nugget turning 3.

I am typing this post as we drive.

Reader: Well that is stupid. You must be getting car sick!

Rude, but yes, I am.

Well, I was.

You see, I pulled out my computer and started writing this because I had to tell you about what just happened!

I was planning my ESL class when I started getting super nauseous.  

(Sometimes I do missionary stuff like teach English to kids..sometimes.)

I thougt, “Hey self! You have oils right next to you! You have Ginger oil, and while I know you got it for cooking, you should use it for your nausea.”

I talk to myself often….

So, I high fived myself in my head, I pulled out my Ginger, put a drop under my tongue, and waited 1 minute.

Guess what.

I am not nauseous.

Even after writing this entire post, I feel great.

Ginger is a smell that I hate because I used it when I was pregnant with Jackson my first trimester. It makes me flash back, and I hate that!

However, it works.

It works quickly.

So, if you, your husband, or your kiddos get car sick, sea sick, or have morning sickness, try some Ginger. It’s really cheap and will last you for forever!

Also, while Ginger does work well, it does not protect us from idiots on the road so please pray for our safety.

I don't want to be nauseous anymore!
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