Friday, May 9, 2014

We Don't Need No Water Let The Mother.......Burn!

Do y'all remember that song by Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three?

Seriously. Who comes up with a name like that for a group?

Maybe that's why they only had two hits..

"The Roof. The Roof. The Roof Is On Fire! We Don't Need No Water........."

Reader: Sarah. What in the world does this have to do with oils?

Nothing really.

Well, ok it kind of fits in to todays little chat.

I cannot cook.

I burn a lot.

My house often smells like burnt food.

This is not my kitchen, but it often looks like this. Without the fancy stuff of course.

That burnt smell is hard to get out of your house.

I have seen in the past that Purification oil (Comes in your Premium Starter Kit...HOLLA!) is great for getting rid of bad smells.

For example: Stinky teenagers, smelly dogs, paint fumes, BURNT FOOD etc.

So, yesterday I figured why not try it.

I put 7 drops of Purification oil in my diffuser and turned it on.

I walked out of the room for maybe 5 minutes.

I walked back in and the burnt smell was completely gone!

No joke!

I like my diffuser because it makes my house smell awesome, but I have never seen a horrible smell disappear so quickly before!...OK. I guess you can't "see" a smell, but you know what I mean.

It really works.


Oooh. I just got giddy thinking about using the diffuser at Christmas with their Christmassy smelling oils...YUMM!

Get rid of those stinky smells! Get your Premium Starter Kit! It comes with a diffuser and Purification oil. No more smells for you! 

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