Monday, May 19, 2014


I have loved using these oils. 

Did you know that?

Reader: No Captain Obvious. I had no idea. Oh wait. You created a blog to talk about them....

Well, I have loved these oils because they work on my family so let's drop the sarcasm Reader! Some days you are so grumpy! I never know how I am going to find you.

God has used them to make our family better. To keep us from getting sick. To heal us when we are sick, and to make us healthier.

But this week I got to do something amazing with them. This week I finally got to use them on one of our kids in the village.

His name is David (DAH-VEED), and we have known him since he was 6.

This was David the first year we met him.....I like to call those days, "the skinny days...." He is now14 years old, and I am no longer a blonde with beautiful young my skinny years..

He was really really sick this week. He had a fever that wouldn't go away, a very upset stomach, and his entire body was aching.

The medicine he needed was not available here, and they were going to have to take the bus to the city 3 hours away to get what they needed. They don't have any money and the last thing he needed was to be sitting on a bus for three hours.

I put together a mixture of Peppermint, Thieves, Copaiba, and Oregano. I gave it to him, and told him to rub it on his stomach and feet every two to three hours.

John gave him Tylenol...He tries.

Reader: Oh. That is cute. How is Tylenol going to make him better? Your husband is hot Sarah, but he is no doctor. You on the other hand are clearly a medical professional. Oh wait.. 

The next day, his fever was gone. He was not in pain and had no stomach issues.

Maybe the sickness had run its course. It is possible, but I believe these oils made him better.

Reader: Me too! Also, I am so sorry I was rude and sarcastic earlier in this conversation. Will you forgive me?

Always Reader. Always.

So, here is the dealio:

Thieves and Oregano are anti viral, anti bacterial, and anti parasitic.

Peppermint is used for digestive problems, pain, and fever.

Copaiba is used for aches, pain, and inflammation.


Reader: YES! You did it Sarah! Has this worked for anyone else?!

I am so glad you asked Reader. It has! My friend Gina was getting flue like symptoms and used these oils. She said she definitely thought they were working and were making her feel better when she felt like the flu was coming on.

Anyways, helping this precious sweet boy brought me joy, and I am so excited to start bringing my oils to the farm with me.

What better way to use oils than on sweet kids that have no access to medicine.

Just start calling me Mother Teresarah. (I thought it would be good to combine my name with mother Teresa's. Right?!)


  1. This is so cool! How about, Dr. Sarah, Medicine Women?

  2. Haha. I would agree with that but Jane Seymour is such a skank in all of her movies. I cannot stand her. I shall stay Mother Teresarah...Or just Sarah.