Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mad Men

Can I just say something?

I have never really cared all that much about women's rights.

Reader: Sarah! How dare you! How can you not care about women's rights?!

I think it's because I have never really felt unfairly treated.

I haven't ever cared that much about moving up in a business, so I have not had to deal with it.

Here is the deal.

Watching Mad Men makes me want to punch every single man in the face.

At least every single man in the show.

Were they really that bad in the 50's and 60's?

I keep thinking about My Grandma and how she was treated.

Was it really that ridiculous?

We are in season two right now.

I've been telling myself it will get better, but at the end of every single episode, I am PISSED!

It is so depressing and stupid.

Reader: Sarah, once again, you are not writing about oils. You need to write about oils. I need to hear more about life changing oils. SHARE YOUR WISDOM WITH ME SARAH!!

Well, I will say this: I need to be wearing either "Stress Away" or "Peace and Calming" while I am watching this show.

Maybe "Joy" because every episode ends on the most depressing note ever.

I think I am going to suggest that Young Living invent an oil called "Bitch Slap" and I am going to give it to all of the actors.

Reader: You really shouldn't cuss. You are a missionary. Missionaries don't cuss. 

This show makes me cuss.

I should stop watching it.

The end.

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