Saturday, May 17, 2014

Young Living Fail

I love almost every single product I have tested of Young Living's.

I LOVE them.

I am obsessed with Young Living.

Their products are great.

Reader: So true.

They are pure.

Reader: I know. Right?!

They are healthy.

Reader: One of my most favoritest parts!

They are safe.

Reader: The very safest!!

Did you know that I love them?

Reader: ME TOO!!!!

Well, I found one that I don't love.

Reader: WHAT?!?! Say it aint so Sarah! Say it aint so!

It is so Reader. It is so so sad.

John tried Mountain Mist. Sounds yummy. Smells yummy. 

I am an honest person, and will say when something does not work. I cannot tell a lie. Ok, I can tell lots of lies, but still, I try not to, and I will not lie about Young Living products.

(I also try not to have run-on sentences, but I fear it  happens all too often.)

I read a lot about DIY deodorants because I am a hippie now.

(Does anyone else picture a skinny person with long brown hair when they think of hippies?)

(I would totally become a hippie if it automatically made me skinny with long brown hair.)

(Alas, I think most hippies these days are overweight without any makeup on.)

(So, I am not a hippie. I still have remnants of makeup on from earlier today.)

I digress.

I read on another person's blog that she tried YL deodorant for her husband, and he loved it. He had said no to all kinds of homemade ones, but actually liked this one a lot.

This got me excited because I am always looking for more ways to make John fall even MORE in love with Young Living.

So, I ordered this deodorant, and had my in laws bring it all they way from Texas to Guatemala for me.

Guess what.

Reader: Wait. Sarah. I just have to say this. I think it is so awesome that you are a missionary in Guatemala. You inspire me, and I want to be like you. I have pictures of you all over my wall, and I think about ways that I can be more like you.


Anyways, he walked outside and started sweating right away.

This is not my husband looking super surprised that the Young Living Deodorants did not work. This is Chase Crawford. I went to high school with him. He is a doll. I felt I could use this picture since I know him and forgot to actually take a picture of my husband's armpits today. They looked very similar to this though. 


It did not work on him.

This makes me so sad.

Maybe I just married a super sweaty man.

(Sexy, but sweaty.)

I am going to clean off the deodorant and try it on myself tomorrow, but until then, it is the first product that has not worked for us.

It might work for you though! Give it a try. Make me some money! Click on this link RIGHT HERE. DO IT!!


  1. BUT WAIT! Did he stop using antiperspirant the day before trying YL? There is a period of time where the body has to adjust to not using antiperspirant & it might seem to sweat a lot. Plus plain deodorant does not keep one from sweating. So as long as he doesn't SMELL, it's a good deodorant. Did he smell?

  2. He didn't. We ran out of antiperspirant down here a few days ago. I don't know if he smelled...The sweaty armpits kept me from checking. I will try have inspired me. At least me, but I cant guarantee he will try again. I just tried it for about 5 minutes and started sweating so I went back to my old stuff. I will try again tomorrow.