Monday, May 12, 2014

World Peace

Want to know how oils can work together for the good of the world?!

Here is a quick glimpse of four oils meshing together to bring world peace.

Reader: Oh Sarah! I knew they were wonderful! I didn't realize they could bring world peace, but I am so excited to hear that they can!

Ok, they aren't exactly bringing world peace, but when combined, they are bringing weight loss, allergy relief, cleaner houses, less wrinkles, less bugs, better stomachs, and fewer headaches when combined.

They also do a ton on their own too, but today we are focusing on togetherness.

In my opinion, this alone would help bring world peace.

Reader: That was a bit misleading...

I'm sorry, but my life has really been changed by these little oils.

We are slowly getting chemicals out of our house and replacing them with safe household cleaners made by oils.

We are no longer using as many prescribed or over the counter medicines.

We aren't really using Raid anymore (although sometimes it is necessary..Big roaches and spiders must be killed if seen. Although since I started using the repellent, they are rarely seen.)

I don't drink soda anymore because I love my water flavored with my oils. LOVE

I am using Lavender and Frankincense combined as a great skin care product at night, (Wrinkle Reducer!) and if I ever have a zit, I dab a drop of lemon on it, and it's gone.

So, let's all order some oils, make me some money, and create world peace.

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