Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This Is What Stupid Looks Like

Can I tell you about something? 

Reader: Always Sarah. Always.

I decided to be a test dummy. I guess that's what I am for all things oils. I don't want to tell you anything without trying it. So, when I have a chance or an idea, (albiet a stupid idea.) I like to test it out. 

Reader: I like where this is going Sarah..What did you do to yourself?

So, I had a zit. One of those deep under the skin "This hurts so bad." kind of zits. 
I hate zits. 

Have I told you that before?

Reader: No, but don't we all?! I mean they are the worst! The worst!

Anyways, I had a zit and decided that the most brilliant thing in the world would be to put some Oregano on it.

Oregano is anti bacterial, anti parasitic, and I believe anti fungal too. So, I thought, "Self! You are brilliant! You should put some Oregano on your zit! That will clear it up!! Oh Self! What would I do without you?!"

Yesterday, I put Oregano on my zit.

Oregano is a hot oil.


I did this every 4 hours...because I am an idiot.

Good news: My zit is almost gone. It really worked well and quickly. It went from a deep, "this is going to be days before it is gone, and it hurts like a biotch" kind of zit to a, "Where did that zit go? Oh yea. There it is, but I can barely see it." kind of a zit.

Bad news: Oregano is a hot oil. Oh. Did I say that already? I burned the area around my zit because I was not careful in putting the oil on. I now have a BIG round red dry circle on my face from where the zit was because I am an IDIOT.

I would have been better off keeping the crater on my face OR using one of the recommended oils for my zit.

The moral of the story: If you are going to use Oregano on your face. BE CAREFUL! Only apply directly on the zit or you will look like this....

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