Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Does Your Child Scream Too?

Since Jackson turned two, he has hated for me to put Neosporin on him or any kind of cleaner for that matter. Actually, he has not even wanted me to put water on it.

He has screamed. He has thrashed. He has looked at me like I was a monster. He has run from me.

Do you understand how frustrating this is? It's even worse if you are in public.

The first time this happened was our first week here in Zacapa, Guatemala. We had Northwest Bible Church in town for our annual camp. Over 600 people were at the farm. I was "speaking Spanish" to a few people when I heard the screaming. Horrible screaming. John had been watching him, and he had tripped over something and cut open his chin. Everyone within ear shot was listening and watching. I felt like that mother who couldn't control her child.

No one wants to be that mother...

He was in hysterics. Thrashing and whaling. I ran up to him and watched as our team "Dr." tried to clean him up. He did not want anyone touching him. No one! It was cray cray y'all

Reader: Don't I know! My kids are cray cray too. Keep talkin girl!

Ya'll, lets flash forward to today.

My precious little boy came to me today and said, "Mommy. Look! What happened?"

I told him that he had a cut on his leg. (This kid falls all the time. All the time. I have been thinking about putting him in some kind of hockey gear, but we already stand out as the white people here. Really, when we walk into a restaurant here (and by restaurant, I mean Burger King or Pollo Compero..this is what has happened to my standards...I refer to these places as restaurants now..), everyone stops talking, turns, and stares. It's awkward..adding hockey equipment might make it more so.)

"Mommy, are you going to put oils on it?"

"Yes." I said. "Is that ok?"

He did a shoulder shrug three times (this is his new thing. It's stinking cute.) and said, "Sure."

I put Lavender on his leg and he walked off and started "chalking" again on the driveway.

Are you kidding me? This is crazy! This is not my child.

Lavender is da bomb. Not only is it helping my kid sleep at night, (two nights in a row now. He has not slept through the night in at least a year. I'm taking the two nights and I'm running with it. Plus i have only tried applying it on his body for two nights now, so it has a perfect record) it is also helping my husband and I sleep, is great for allergies, cuts, burns and so much more. Also, it smells awesome.

Reader: Sarah, I am so happy for you. I will sleep peacefully tonight because I know how much you love your oils, but I cannot afford these. I am not made of money.

Well reader, I get it. I would not have bought them if they hadn't been given to me, but I tried them, and they are amazing. You can replace many every day medicines in your medicine cabinet with these oils. My sis in law has already replaced a bunch in her cabinet. I happen to live in Guatemala and didn't have any in the first place because it is all in a different language, and that scares me.

For $150 you can get your starter kit which contains 11 different oils (one of those is Lavender) a diffuser (which is right now making my house smell awesome!), and some samples like Ningxia Red (which is said to increase energy, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and more...all I can vouch for is the fact that it tastes good and provides energy.)

Just click on that little picture to the right (not my husband or son...the picture of the diffuser and oils) and start lovin you some oils.

Think about it. Help your family get healthier. YOU CAN DO IT! SI SE PUEDES!

To sign in as a normal customer OR to get your Premium Starter Kit and get 24% off on all purchases in the coming year (Wholesale Member)... WHAT!? That's right...

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