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Who likes em?

Reader: Not me! I have heard of some gross ones that cause your poop to get all nasty! Why we talkin about parasites anyway?!

Well, dear reader, I live in Guatemala. Here, parasites are very common because the water is NOT clean. It's just plain nasty.

Where we live, they use sulfer water. This means that our house smells like fart a lot of the time (one reason I love to use my diffuser to make the house smell good!)

Fart. No one wants to smell it. It's the worst when someone does it in an inclosed space. It's even worse when that inclosed space is your entire house.

I digress. The water in Guatemala is bad.

I got a parasite here a few years back when we were visiting. Worst night of my life. I lost any dignity with John that I had. When I went into labor with Jackson years later, I played the game: "Which Is Worse? The Parasite or the Contractions." The parasite was worse up until the very end..then they cut my stomach open for a c-section.

This is what water looks like in our village when it comes out of the drain.
Our kids drink water that looks like this.

When I take a shower. I spit. The entire time. I am constantly spitting because I don't want to swallow the shower water. My shower does not drain quickly. This means that I am then standing in my spit. Not much of a shower if you ask me.

When I brush my teeth or my sons teeth, we use water bottles. We never use the sink water. If I ever forget and rinse with sink water, I pray all night that I won't get sick.

When we bathe Jackson at night, we use pure water in a bucket, because he is not old enough to keep the shower water out of his mouth.

When we clean our veggies and fruits after we go to the market, we wash them in bleach water. We have to do this because the produce is grown with water which has parasites in it.

Reader: Sarah! That is horrible! That is so bad for you! Please tell me you do not do that! Bleach?!

I know. This is bad. As you know, if you read my post titled "Freak", bleach is very bad for you. Can you imagine cleaning your produce with it?! This bothered me, but I did it. It is better than a parasite. I think...

I did this until I got the courage to try cleaning my produce in Lemon and Thieves oil. I tested it on myself first. I cleaned my apples and avocados in it. A brave first step in my world of oils.

This was my first salad sans bleach. Delicious.
Notice the diffuser in the background :)

I took a bite. Tasted delicious and less bleachy.

I waited. (not that I actually would have noticed anything right away..but I waited)

I waited some more. Turns out, IT WORKS! I have been fine using Thieves and Lemon oil to clean my produce.

Not a single parasite. If they clean my parasite ridden produce, they will definitely clean your lovely American produce. (Actually, turns out, I have readers from all over the world, so if you live in a place where you HAVE to clean your produce or you will die, give me a shout. I'll hook you up.)

JUST SAY NO!...To Parasites..Not Oils.
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