Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Are you a freak like me?

Reader: What do you mean? What kind of stuff are we disclosing here? 

I am a freak when it comes to hotels and public restrooms.

Reader: Oh yea, that's what I was thinking too....

This is what I do when I get into a hotel room:

  • I clean the light switches
  • I clean all door handles
  • I clean shower faucets and bathroom faucets
  • I clean the toilet seat, the part of the seat that you have to lift up, and the handle to flush the seat. 
  • I spray the remote control like crazy (because who knows what some nasty people were watching on TV while touching that remote, and who knows how often they scratched their butt cracks or "adjusted" themselves.)
  • I lent roll the bedding..all of it. (You would not believe the amount of pubic hairs I have found on bedding. John thinks its best not to know, but thats just cray cray)
  • I also refuse to go barefoot in the hotel room. (Guys, pubic hairs on the bed...you better believe they are on the floor too.)
  • I bring my own pillow case
  • I also...sleep in a "slanket". It is a thin, sheet like, sleeping bag, and I love it.

So, now you know, I am a freak. Before I found these oils, I used Bleach or Lysol wipes. Now, I use my Thieves Cleaner, Thieves Wipes, and My diffuser. Just like this lovely picture below shows!

(I would also like to state, that I now bring my own sheets and blankets. I might have a problem. Once, when I was traveling from Texas to Seattle with my Brother and Sister in law one year, I brought my own air mattress and laid that on top of the hotel bed, then put my own sheets and blankets on...)

Now, on to public bathrooms. So gross. Can we all agree? I am a hoverer, but potty training a 2 year old has opened up a whole new world to me. How to remain clean in a public bathroom? We also work at a farm with a super nasty bathroom, so there is that too....

Apparently, I need to start cleaning more of the toilet...and the walls. Gross!

When we went on a vacation with my parents recently, I had just started potty training Jackson. I brought my Thieves spray everywhere. It was awesome and smelled like Christmas in a bottle. I sprayed it on the toilet, on the sides of the toilet, and on the flush handle. Afterwards, I use Lemon essential oil to clean our hands. It is safe for kids and kills the germs! Often, I just spray the Thieves cleaner on Jackson (totally safe), but a bottle of lemon is only $10! Super cheap.

So, there you have it. I am a freak, but a clean freak. I feel like a better mom knowing that I am keeping my child away from poop feces in an all natural manner. (However, he did find cat poop at the farm last week and started playing with it.)

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Below are some interesting facts about Bleach and Thieves. Read on if you are interested!

Here is something to know about Bleach...

  • Respiratory issues
  • Skin burns
  • Damage to nervous system
  • Exacerbates Asthma
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Linked to cancer (but let's be honest...everything is linked to cancer...I'm trying to embrace that..)
  • Accidents that cause the skin to come into direct contact with bleach or people ingesting it (as many as 700 adults per year)

Also, think about this...“rinsing is required in applications where direct skin or oral contact can occur (children’s toys).” How often does rinsing ever happen??? NEVER

This picture below shows Thieves at work. 

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