Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tummy Time!

Nope, I don't have a baby. I just rubbed oils on my husband's tummy*. It's true.

Reader: Sarah, this is really not any of my business...really.

This is your business! This is our business.

You see, adorable reader, my husband has made fun of me and these oils since the day I got them. He has not been a believer. Just like you might not be a believer...

Reader: (Throws hands in the air and waves em like she/he just don't care.) Girl, I am so a believer. I am getting my credit card out right now to order some oils. I believe you!

Well, I appreciate that, but let me continue. It gets better! He was not a believer, but he was happy that I was enjoying these oils and had found a new "hobby" (He called it a hobby until I started bringing in the money. Now, he is asking me how much I think I can make this year.).

Reader: Wait. Hold up. You can make money? How much we talking about here? 

Well, in one and a half months, I have made $780 and I don't even live in the United States.

Reader: I'm totes messaging you after I finish reading this thrilling story. I could use some more money. Momma needs a new pair of shoes/Daddy needs some new golf clubs! (I don't want to discriminate here. As you will see from the story, men love oils too.)

I had helped him with a few things here and there, and he is thrilled that Jackson is sleeping through the night, but he still liked to make little jabs here and there. Tonight changed things. He told me his stomach was really hurting him.

"WHAT?!" I said, "Why didn't you let me put oils on you?!"

"That's fine. You can if you want."

(I would like to state here, that I think he just wanted me to rub his stomach. I think he wanted to show off all of that working out he is's working..I tell you's working.)

Reader: Sarah, I don't want to hear about your husband's physique. I know he is a good looking man. You are a seriously lucky woman, but that is enough.

Anyways, I put DiGize and Peppermint on him.

About 10 minutes later he said, "You know what. My stomach feels better."

Then I said, "I told you! I have been telling you these oils work, but all you do is make fun of me. You never believe me. I wish you would just believe me. You didn't even tell me about your stomach hurting at first. I don't understand why you never believe me. I am telling you, this stuff works. I just wish you would believe me when I tell you something..."

Ok not really. I just told him that I knew it would, and he should listen to me more often.

So, that's that. My hubby is a believer and I have cured his ailing tummy.

I am starting to refer to myself as a Dr...thats ok, right? **

(*We only actually say tummy when referring to our son's stomach. John does not call his stomach his tummy. I do not call his stomach his tummy. It just sounded like a catchy title for the blog post.)

(**I think I am supposed to state here that I am not a Dr., and please don't sue me or something if you take my medical advice and die.)

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  1. Hi there, I know this post is from 2014, but still wanted to say that peppermint oil is not recommended for kids under 6 years old. So Be carefull please