Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Take On World Vision And Its New Policy

Not really. I would not touch that with a ten foot least, not on my blog. But I got you to click on the link, didn't I?

But, I do have a vision. A vision for the world!

Reader: Are you kidding me? I have better things to do with my time Sarah!

Sorry, not sorry.

I am obsessed. With my dogs.

I love all three of them! We have three dogs. A Chihuahua, a mutt (who is beautiful), and a German Shepherd.

Reader: Sarah, I have been following your blog every now and then. I have stuck around because you are beautiful, lovely and I want to be like you. However, you have three dogs. That puts you in the crazy category, and I am not longer sure we can be friends.

I totally get it reader. I never thought I would be this person either. (I was actually bit by a lab in the face when I was little and hated dogs for a long time.) We had two dogs, which I feel is a respectable amount, but then we decided to move to Guatemala.

We are not allowed to own a gun here, (Also not touching gun control with a ten foot pole.) and honestly, you need to protect yourself in a country like Guatemala. So, four months before we moved, we bought a German Shepherd.

She is the greatest purchase I have ever made. Seriously. She makes us feel so safe, and her bark is terrifying. Anytime someone walks past our house, she freaks out. It gets a little annoying, but I am pretty sure it makes people think twice about messing with us. She has a very "manly" bark.

Anyways, this is my excuse for having three dogs.

Reader: Sarah, what does this have to do with oils? I read this blog every day to learn about oils. I check back every five minutes to see if you have posted a new use on oils. Dogs are cute. Pets are sweet, but you cannot use oils on pets.

Oh yes you can my, dear friends. Yes, you can. And I have a World Vision that one day, all pet owners will use oils on their pets! (And I will make a fortune because you will all have signed up for these oils under me!)

Reader: Mind blown! What?! Tell me more!

You can use almost all of Young Living oils on your pets!

Here is a list of the different ways you can help your pets without putting nasty chemicals into their bodies. It is also so helpful when you don't have any way to help them. Just get out your oils!

This is my sweet baby. She is 9 years old. Her name is Beyonce. She lives up to her name. She is a diva. (I named her in college. Don't judge.)

Reader: Sarah, I am judging. Right now. I am judging.

She is old and has bad joints. I try to put PanAway on her to help with her joint pain when I am noticing her limping. With a dog this small, you have to dilute a lot with coconut oil. I just feel like if I can do something to make her feel better, I want to do it. I like that I have the option!

This is my Bailey Bear. She is our "mutt." She is the kindest dog you will ever meet. She loves all and follows us around everywhere. She is my "Fatty Bear" because she is always looking for food with her tail wagging. This sweet dog loves to explore and roll around in weird stuff. She often has some kind of itch or rash.  I plan on putting Melrose or Lavender on her, next time she itches. 

I do have a testimony about Peppermint oil for her. She was throwing up a lot, so I diluted Peppermint and rubbed it on her tummy. She stopped throwing up. It worked!
Listen, dogs are our babies. (Judge away) If you can make your dog feel better, it is an amazing feeling. No one wants to see their dog suffering!

This is Sammy. She is my guard dog. She keeps our family safe. I love her. However, she is a puppy, and she is hyper. She always wants to play with her toys, and she is big enough that she can be all up in your business.

I put Peace & Calming on her the other night when she was driving me crazy, and she went over to her dog bed (that she never sleeps on) and went to sleep. It was amazing. I plan on trying this on Beyonce too during thunder storms, because she is a freak when she hears thunder. 

So to conclude: A vision for the world indeed. You are welcome. Below are some more issues and oils that you can use for those issues. If you love your pet, you will love oils :).

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