Saturday, March 29, 2014


Y'all. My favorite thing to do during the day, besides writing these posts, of course, is to sit in our back office with a combo of Joy and Thieves being diffused into the room. It is heavenly. It smells legit, kills air born germs, and makes me joyful. (It helps that while I am back there, I am doing my Bible study. That's right. I'm holy. Or as my family likes to sometimes say, "holier than thou.")

I designed the above picture. 

Reader: Sarah, you are just so talented. I don't know how you do it all. You are brilliant, beautiful, and creative. I don't know. I think I want to be like you. I think I need to sign up for my kit and sell oils just like you. 

Aww. That is sweet. I really appreciate your compliment. I have to tell you though. It is hard to be as amazing as me. I mean, who can live in Guatemala for an entire year and still not speak the language? Only me. 

(I mean seriously. My Spanish teacher told me in high school that Spanish was not my thing, and I'm really starting to think she was right. I am having to trick these kids into loving me with my funny dance moves and sarcastic eye rolls.)

Oh yea. The gorgeous sign above. I did enjoy designing it. However, I have had the stinking song in my head all day. I guess this has resulted in my being joyful, but I'm about done with it. 

Ok guys..GET EXCITED! This week, if you sign up for the Premium Essential Oil Kit, I will throw in this lovely keychain oil carrier. I realize that none of you will probably actually carry this on your key ring, (Except for maybe my niece who has some serious keychain issues.) but it is awesome to throw into your purse to take some of your favorite oils on the go! I am ordering myself one this week! I find myself constantly wanting to have them at the farm when one of the kids gets hurt.

So, what are you waiting for?! Get You Some!
To sign in as a retail customer OR to get your Premium Starter Kit and get 24% off on all purchases in the coming year as a Wholesale Member (Amazing, I know)

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