Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sugar and Spice and Everything Guatemala

Have you ever dressed up like a Guatemalan? No? I have. Today was my first time. I plan on doing it again for sure.

We had Awanas today at the farm just like we do every Wednesday. Today, Armando (This sweet man/boy we have come to love. He's single ladies, and he loves the Lord!) decided to have all of the children learn about missionaries in Guatemala. We were given Guatemalan attire by our friend Carlos and had a fun day dressing up and celebrating the country. We were prayed over. It was precious.

Here are some pics of the day.

Reader, reading this blog: "But wait! Sarah! This blog is about oils! It's all about the amazing things they do and all of the different reasons I should sign up for a premium oils kit! I want to hear more about the oils! Don't leave me hanging!"

Sarah: "There there sweet reader. I know. This blog is all about oils and Young Living and how amazing their oils are, but it can't always be about oils. Life is not always about oils..OK, most of the time it is, but today it is not. I know you want to support me and order a new kit. I know you will fall in love with them. They will change your life, but alas, today is about the kids. Today is about God."

I did however title this "Sugar and Spice and Every Thing Guatemala". I used awesome Thieves wipes which kill all kinds of crazy germs and are all natural with no extra chemicals. They smell like Christmas morning. So, oils. For you reader. For you.

All the boys got mustaches and I felt left out..although, I am not a boy. I'm not sure why I felt left out.

Carlos leading the kids on their scavenger hunt

As my Sister In Law Erin said, Christmas Card 2014

A table set up to show typical things in Guatemala

Us with all of the little kiddos. They prayed over us today. Precious!

Me and my Boo picking his nose.. I think
The teens that lead this group. AMAZING people
Hands off ladies. He's mine!

I mean. Don't you just want to steal him and take him home? Remember, he doesn't sleep much.

Praying for local missionaries in Guatemala

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