Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ole Ole!


Or as us Guatemalans like to say it... Wuachamole! (The G is silent guys.)

I will admit, so far, Guatemalan food aint my thing. They eat thick tortillas here. This does not seem right to me. When we were here a few years ago, I pulled my first tortilla of the trip apart and there was a long black hair inside. Ever since, I am a lover of thin, hairless tortillas. It is harder to hide a hair in a thin tortilla.

Reader: Gross. Just gross.

One thing that they do here, which is awesome, is Wuachamole! on tostadas.

I realize people do this everywhere, but I am trying to embrace all things "Guatemala." (All things minus hair in tortillas, and lot's of other things actually.)

So, today, we had the Garcia family over for lunch. They were in town from Guatemala City and in between activities at the farm, we decided to come home and eat some food.

I had a bunch of avocados to kill, but no limes.

"What to do? What to do?" I thought.

"Sarah! Que vamos a estar?!" said Lucki in a shocked/terrified voice.

"Yo se Lucki!" (Then I started speaking English because after 1 year here, that's about all I know.) "We are going to use my Lime essential oil! Not only will it flavor the Wuachamole!, but it also burns cellulite among many other things!"

Lucki was so excited, that she started tearing up with joy. We added the lime to the Wuachamole! and mixed it up.


(I would like to state that the above conversation did not actually happen at all. In fact, what happened was this: I pointed to the bottle of lime oil. She looked at me funny. I said very loudly, "LIME" (because when you say it louder, they understand it better.) She said, "Oh, Lemon?" I said, "Si." (because I still can't figure out why they call both limes and lemons, lemons. I'm letting it go.) Anyways, I put three drops in the Wuachamole! and she mixed it up.)

Y'all, it really was so good. Tasted awesome and I didn't have to cut up a lime and get the sticky juice all over my hand.

So, there you have it. Do you ever want to make Wuachamole! but don't have the lime?  You can buy it online right now for like $14 and have enough oil to get you through at least a year of Wuachamole!

Yo Quiero!
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