Monday, March 24, 2014

Praise The Lord!

If you are a true fan of my work..I blog, then you have read my post "Coma". If you have not read it, I am questioning our friendship. I mean, there are only like 8 posts to read. It's not that difficult. Plus, what if the title coma meant that I had actually been in a coma and just got out of it today. Wouldn't you have felt bad that I was in a coma and you were just now finding out?

Reader: Sarah, lets move on. Shall we? I get it. You want me to read your blog. You obviously were not in a coma. If you had been, you could not have written the following posts or the actual post about being in a coma, because you would have been in a coma..

Reader, this is true. Let's move on. 

Well, I wrote in my post that I had tried diffusing Peace and Calming and Lavender in my sons room to try to get him to sleep. It worked on my nephew like God's grace raining down from above. (Really..he had not slept through the night in 3 years and now he sleeps through the nights and takes naps.) 

This did not work on my son. I was not bitter. Jealous, yes. Bitter, no. Jealous? Definitely yes.

Not only did Jackson not sleep through the night, I felt like it did the opposite. He woke up many times throughout the night. 

Reader: Sarah, we know. We actually did read that post. We just didn't want to tell you because you were being kind of annoying and needy about it. Please get on with it.

Well, I had given up on diffusing this stuff in his room. I decided to accept that my son would not sleep through the night again until he was 12. I was coping. I was moving on and living on little sleep. 

It's like the song by Jack Johnson: "Because the sum of us is more than us if you add us up then subtract my lack of sleep."

(I actually have no idea what this song means, but remembered the words "lack of sleep")

Reader: Sarah, you are killing me. I'm about to stop reading..

So, last night, I said, "Why not?" (I was talking to myself in my head about trying the oils one more time..there was an entire conversation, but I am just sharing the actual words that came out of my mouth. You're welcome.)
I went into his room and applied Peace and Calming and Lavender all over his arms and on his forehead (I diluted a little with coconut oil) and...

Wait for it......

Wait for it........


Let me say it again.


I want so much to just give all of the credit to the oils, but I have to remember, that our creator created the oils. So, thank you God for a good nights sleep!

Jackson woke up at 6 am and not a minute before that. Isn't it so sad that I am excited about sleeping until 6 am before being awoken? My life has changed so so much. I used to think waking up at 8:30 to go to work was early. I was so cute and naive back then. 

Anyways, he slept through the night and tonight I have decided to drench him in the oils. I'm just going to go all infant baptism on him and drop all of the oils on his head until I am out of them. However, this could put him in an actual coma...

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  1. Your posts crack me up. One of my friends just tried her first oil and it's lavender and it helped her 12 year old twins go straight to sleep when it usually takes them much longer.

  2. Glad I can brighten your day Miss Brenna! It really is amazing. I am about to go rub it and Peace and Calming all over him.