Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lime: 4/5 Approve

I decided to make tortilla soup today so that we could have something other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner tonight. I used what I had. (This included chickpeas, so you can see that I didn't have much.)

After I made it, I tasted it...not so great. I started thinking about what else I could throw in the pot that might brighten up the flavor. I then looked over and saw all of my beautiful oils sitting on the table. OF COURSE! Lime oil! People use these oils all the time for cooking and everyone just raves about them.

So, I put 5 drops of lime oil into my pot of soup, swirled it up, and tasted it. DELICIOUS! I was so excited! I could not wait for John to taste this soup that "MY OILS" fixed.

We got hungry at 5pm. (Guatemala has aged us to 70+ years in age) I was so pumped. I was going to rock his world with this soup. I heated it up, added some cheese, cooked up some quesadillas to go on the side, and got ready to change his life.

The Scene Unfolds: (Possibly slightly exaggerated.)

John: "There is something that tastes really funny about this soup. I don't know. It's just odd. It's like right when you take the first bite, it just hits you."

Me: "Well, it can't be the lime. The lime made it awesome. I know it wasn't the lime. Here. (Hand John the bottle of lime oil) Taste some of the lime. That's not it, is it? I just don't think it's the lime. The lime made it taste better."

John: (Puckers up face.) "Yea, that's it. I'm sorry. I wanted to like it, but that's it."

Me: (Hold my hand up to my head and faint to the ground)

John: "Sorry."

Me: "I like it. You are crazy. You don't have to eat it. Let's see if Jackson will eat it."

Jackson: "No. No thank you."

Me: (Gets spoon of soup and lowers it to the ground) "The dogs love it!"

John: "Don't put that in your blog."

So, 4/5 approve of the soup. I am one of them. The other three are dogs.

This is not an oil fail though. I looked it up, and you are only supposed to use 1-2 drops of lime..not 5. I blame myself...never the oils.

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  1. Your posts are hilarious! And you've got me super curious about these oils. I'll FB message you.