Monday, March 17, 2014

Liquid Gold. Don't Worry. Not Breast Milk.

Am I the only one who called breast milk liquid gold? Anyways...

Disclaimer: I still like real medicine. I will still take my child to the doctor.

In December, a sweet friend gave me 10 little bottles. She gave them to me because we live in Guatemala and get mosquito bites all the time. She said that they would help, they would make the mosquito bites stop itching and they would heal them faster. Sure they would. Don't you think I would have known about this product if it actually worked? I know all things about mosquitos because they happen to enjoy feasting on my legs and feet.

 I happily accepted the gift, because who doesn't like free gifts, but quickly forgot about them. She had mentioned all of the different ways these bottles of oils could help in my family's life, but I didn't really think much of it.

I didn't think about it much until we got back to Guatemala and I needed something to help with my husband's fever. (Sickness in Guatemala is scary because we don't have any real hospitals close by. I am constantly nervous when someone in my family gets sick. It could go horribly wrong, and we would not be able to run to the neighborhood hospital like you can in the states.)  So, I figured why not give it a try. I rubbed some "Peppermint" and "Thieves"on his forehead and temples. His fever went down..but I wasn't believing yet. I chalked it off as good timing.

A few days later, the mosquitos decided to initiate me into their little club and gave me my first bite of the season. I decided to rub some of this "Purification" on it and give it a try. The itch stopped itching! Gross alert: I am usually covered in scabs because I am an itcher. I cannot stop itching. I itch until it bleeds. I have the scars all over my ankles to prove this. My mom constantly looks at my ankles and says, "Can't you do something about that?" She is referring to my scars of course. Apparently yes. Yes, I can do something about that. I can apply this precious liquid to my mosquito bites, and they will stop itching. This is a miracle to me, but still...

During all of this, I decided to reserve my belief in these oils. These could all be coincidences. I am a skeptic. Especially of all things granola and hippie. That same day, I went outside to run. (A miracle all  its own.) I get really bad shin splints no matter how great my running shoes are. It is easy to quit when your legs hurt. (It is easy to quit period. That's why I quit all the time.) I got in from running that day, and my shins were killing me. I had the bottles out and figured, "Why not give it another go?". I applied "Pan Away", "Peppermint", and "Valor" to my shins. The pain went away immediately. What the what?! No way. Could this be? Were these little bottles of oil actually miracle workers?

Once I decided to jump on the band wagon of all things oil, I started drinking "Lemon" and "Peppermint" in my water. 4 drops of each, two dimes a day. I lost 7 lbs in two weeks. (I then went to Texas and gained it all back due to Mexican food...dang you Texas and your delicious TexMex) I have never lost that much that quickly before. Lemon is a detox, and Peppermint is an appetite suppressant. It works. I wont go into details, but it works. Let's just keep it at that. (OH! This is where I came up with my blog name! The wishes part is that I wish I would lose that much weight again in two weeks! We shall see...)

I have so many more stories about how these oils have helped my family already, but I will stop..after this one...My nephew has never slept through the night. My sister started diffusing "Lavender" and "Peace and Calming" in his room. He has now slept through the night almost every night for three weeks. He has also started taking naps. You moms out there know how huge this is. MIRACLE.  (I say miracle when talking about these oils because these are all natural, created by God. Why wouldn't God provide a way for us to take care of ourselves? He makes miracles happen all of the time and I love seeing Him work through these oils.) (As stated above: I will still use medicine. I will still go to the Dr.)

 (I think I'm going to stop putting the names of these oils in parenthesis.) (I just need to explain that the weird names that they give some of these oils are combos of different oils.) ( I fully believe that some hippies were definitely the ones that came up with some of these names.)

So, this is why I am obsessed with oils. They work. The end. I have a lot of free time here in the Guat at night because we cannot leave the house. It's dangerous. So, I have decided to distribute these oils and talk about them. I'm a fan. I have free time. So, here it is. My new blog. This might be my only post. Like I said above, quitting is easy. It might be the first of hundreds that I write and then post in Facebook every day. (Get excited!) We shall see.

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  1. I started noticing these oils on Pinterest around November and was wondering about them. I usually hop on the hippie bandwagon pretty quickly but this time I was skeptical...primarily because the Theives oil recipe (which supposedly protected thieves during the bubonic plague of the 1300's) had tea tree oil in it, which comes from Eucalyptus, which comes from Australia, which was discovered in the 1600's. So I was instantly skeptical...but hey, if the oil works then I don't really care if it's historically accurate.

  2. Oh I saw something about that Tee Tree Oil thing. I there was apparently an explanation for it. I cant wait for you to get hooked like me:)