Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Shards of Glass Can Kiss My....Bottom

Last night, Jackson woke up at 2:30 am. When I am awoken in the middle of the night, I am out of sorts. I don't think clearly. My brain does not function. So, every night, when Jackson wakes up in the middle of the night, I go in and sleep in his bed. This is not on purpose. We have a game plan. One of us is supposed to go in and calm him down and then come back to bed. But, at 2 or 3 in the morning, I just fall into his bed. At 6:30 this morning, I accidentally pushed him off the bed and woke him up.

This is a picture that represents what was not happening much last night. Sometimes, he sleeps like a rock, but those days are few and far between..

My point in all of this. I woke up pissed this morning.

So, my first thought: "I need coffee." My second thought, "Crap. I'm out of my French Vanilla Creamer and I live one hour away from the closest grocery store that carries any!" (Ok, I didn't really think about how far away the grocery store was. That is just for your information so that you will feel sorry for me).  My third thought, "I should try rubbing that "Joy" oil all over me and see if it works."

Joy is a mixture of different oils like Ylang Ylang and Rose oil. (It's also a libido booster...mhmm) So, I figured why not give it a whirl. Can't hurt and I'll smell better. So, I rubbed it on my temples, wrists, neck and over my heart.

I am happy to say that with the combo of that and bad coffee (which would actually usually just piss me off because I don't have my creamer..remember...feel really sorry for me!) I am already feeling a lot less pissy! Is it because of the Joy? Who knows. I think so. I mean, if tons of people have gotten off anti depressants due to this stuff, it must somehow work. Otherwise, their spouses would have them admitted for getting off their meds.

Now, to the title of my post. "Shards of Glass Can Kiss My...Bottom." Last night, I was being clumsy again. (I have broken at least 7 dishes in the last 5 months) I dropped a glass while hand washing our dishes (I say this, so that you can play your little violin for me. We don't have a dishwasher. And, we don't have a garbage disposal. Do you realize how gross it is to pick soggy food up out of the sink?Gross. Sad face.) We immediately vacuumed it all up, we thought. John got some in his foot last night, and when he tried to pull it out, a little sliver went into his thumb.

John likes to make fun of me for these oils, but I can tell I am slowly winning him over. Anyways, I asked my oily friends on Facebook what they suggested. There were a few different suggestions. I tried the first one, and we are waiting to see how it works. Basically, I just chose this title because I thought it was catchy. I have nothing to report on it yet. Sorry:)

I'll let y'all know tomorrow. I know everyone is waiting with bated breath to see what happens:).

UPDATE! The glass came out. John would credit the tweezers that I used, but Thieves and Purification draw out anitbodies that aren't supposed to be in your skin. WHAT WHAT! The oils strike again!

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  1. Ha ha ha, I was expecting you to say someone fell, bottom first, on shards of glass, and you had to tweezer them out, before healing with essential oils. Did the oil help the thumb? I gauged my thumb pretty bad today while trying to clean the rollers on the vacuum cleaner. Domestic diva fail.

  2. That would have been much funnier! The glass came out of the thumb! Will John credit the oils...probably not. If you had oils right now, I would say to put lavender on it. It is supposed to increase healing time.