Monday, April 7, 2014

A Boy Mom

I am a boy mom.

There is something so awesome about having a boy.

I don't think I could be a mom to a girl. (I would go broke at Target for one thing.)

I laugh and encourage Jackson every time he farts, burps, or talks about poop.

I think it is so funny.

John asks Jackson not to burp and fart at the table. I have to hide my laugh every time he does it. (Especially when his eyes get big and he smiles because he is so proud of how loud it was.)

Yesterday, I helped Jackson turn all of his quesadillas into guns. He then shot us.

Jackson holding his quesadilla gun. He was clearly happy.

(I don't want to hear anything about gun control. I am raising a stable kid. He is not going to go shoot anyone in real life. He is just being a boy.)

He just walked up to me and said, "Mommy. Watch me toot on this bucket." He then sat on the bucket and grunted until he pushed one out. How do you not laugh at this?

If I had a daughter, she would be the one that all of the other moms rolled their eyes at.

I think maybe I was that girl. I don't know that many of the moms liked me where I grew up.

I was that loud obnoxious girl that burped and tooted. I never shot anyone. I promise.

Reader: Sarah, this just blows my mind. Absolutely throws me for a loop. I thought you were the most dainty and gentle person. You burp? You..pass gas? Hmmm. I don't know that I can read your blog anymore.

Well, reader, I belch with the best of them. (Unless I am in front of my husband. He is not ok with this.)

(Side note: We have been married for 8 years. He has only burped and farted around me maybe a total of 15 times. I married an amazing man who has started to slowly teach me manners. Slowly.)

So, boys. I love em.

They play in the dirt.
They play in the mud.
They burp.
They fart.
They talk about their poop.
They want to hear stories about snakes.
They look at their poop and say it looks like snakes.
They love guns.
They love their mommies.

I want him to be silly. I want him to think I am fun. I want to play in the dirt with him.

Afterwards, I want to rub Di-Gize and Thieves all over his stomach to keep the parasites away.

DiGize and Thieves for Boys

(He has been diarrhea and fever free since I started using these oils on his stomach. Just FYI)

I actually saw someone throw dirt into his mouth today. He laughed, swallowed and said, "mmmm!".

Ya'll what else would I do?! I need these oils!

I love this kid and I pray every day that he comes to know and love the Lord. I could care less what he does for the rest of his life, as long as he loves Jesus and keeps talking about his poop snakes:)

Me and My Boo


  1. You're funny Sarah! I totally understand loving being a "Boy Mom" (I kind of thought at one point that I'd be a Mom of all boys)! But, when God gives you a girl, then you'll fall in love with being a "Girl Mom" too. :-)

  2. Well, I pray God prepares me for a girl if that is in his plan! I guess I could always just have an improper daughter:)!

  3. When J was 2 he was in a puddle playing and a lady FLIPPED out on me. My response? I jumped in the puddle with him.

  4. That is awesome Jennifer. I would have done the same thing!