Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Well, I might have it.

I doubt I do, but you never know.

I think I got a shot before we moved here. I cannot remember.

I'm really hoping I did.

Tonight, when we were at the farm playing soccer and basketball with the kids, (I killed it in basketball by the way, but this says nothing about my skill. I have never seen people play such bad basketball in my life. Definitely not a Guatemalan sport.) I cut myself on this lovely barbed wire fence. A gash right on my arm.

I love this fence.

Reader: You so cray cray. That fence definitely just gave you some kind of disease. I think it might have given me a disease just cause I looked at it. Why in the world would you love that fence?

You see, my little reader, this fence "protects us." (I put protects in quotes because it is never locked and gives a false sense of security. We choose to accept this false sense of security because I don't think I can get Jackson chipped like a dog to make sure he is always around me. It is better to just accept its "protection" and move on.)

I really do love this fence though. This is the fence that the kids stand at when they are waiting for us to start Bible study or something fun. This is the fence that they all hang onto while they are waiting for us to let them in. This is the fence that the teenagers open for us as we drive into the farm every day. This is the fence where we great people for the day.

This is Fabricio Herrington and Jackson Herrington
(Fabricio has decided he is part of our family.)
 We adore him.
Right outside the fence is where our kids live, and right inside the fence is where our ministry happens.

Reader: Sarah, that is so sweet. Your words are beautiful. Your love for others is inspiring, but you need a tetanus shot. That's a fact. You also need a new fence. That thing is crazy rusted.

I think I'll be ok.

I immediately went to the car and got my Thieves Spray and some Thieves Wipes and soaked it into my arm. Hey, if I end up without tetanus, we will all know these oils work! I will make a fortune! Either that or we will all assume I got a tetanus shot. Fingers Crossed!

Now, let's all raise our lollipops in the air and toast the fence that "protects us" and the oils that kept me from tetanus!
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