Sunday, April 13, 2014


I have noticed a lot of people talking about allergies lately.

It's weird.

We don't really get them here.

Not sure why, but we are super cool wit it.

Reader: Sarah! That isn't fair! We have to deal with them where we are!

Guess what. I have to deal with my electricity going off every day at random, cold showers with barely any water pressure, parasites in my water, $500 electricity bills, and no decent doctors nearby in case my son falls and cracks his head open. At least we get this one thing. Right?

Reader: Yea. Totally. I'm "cool wit it."

Anyways, I recently ordered some oils for my sister in law to try for allergies. I started doing some research. She is breastfeeding and cannot use peppermint.

Normally the three recommended oils for allergies are Lemon, Peppermint, and Lavender.

You can add these in a capsule, in water, or rub on your chest and feet. Also, it is recommended to rub Lavender on inside of cheek and nose. My mom did this and said it helped a lot.

But, Peppermint decreases milk and no one wants that. Read my first post ever written. Liquid gold I tell ya.

So, I found that RC and Raven are great for allergies. Also, asthma, but thats another story.

I am sending her Lemon, Lavender, and RC. Can't wait for her to use them and fall in love.

I know you all depend on me testing out these oils myself, but since God has granted us to be allergy free this season, you will just have to trust that they work.

Seriously though, there are hundreds of testimonies about these oils working. Many friends I know use these oils and love them.

You are welcome.

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