Friday, April 11, 2014


So listen.

Here is the deal.

I want to make money, but most of the time, I just think about all the different ways these oils can help people.

Reader: Sure you do Sarah. Sure you do.

No, really. I do. I saw these oils work so quickly for my family and I have heard so many testimonials from people that I trust, that I want to tell the world about them!

Reader: Bit dramatic. Let's lower the enthusiasm a little. 

Screw you reader.

I know people with chronic back pain, serious migraines, depression, knee pain, anxiety issues, concussion problems and more. All of these are issues that have not been helped with medicine. A lot of these people feel hopeless.

(I have a super exciting update about one person that I was praying would be helped by these!)

When I hear about oils helping people in these same kinds of issues, I automatically want to call my friends up and say, "YOU NEED THESE OILS!"

However, I don't want to be the crazy person, so I approach them gently.

(I also approach them via their children or friends to put a bug in their ear because I don't want them to think I'm the crazy missionary oil lady. I think oils and Christians sometimes get lumped together with snake charmers..)

So here is the deal, I just got all "LOCA" (CRAZY) and offered to pay my friend back if she didn't end up liking the oils in the Premium Starter Kit.

(If, John sees this, he will be thrilled...)

I really believe in them that much. I will give her all of her money back if they don't help her.

I cannot do this for everyone because I don't trust everyone.

Reader: Screw you Sarah. 

Whatever. Screw You!

Reader: No, screw you!

But really, I believe in them that much. If you know me, and I trust you (short list of people), message me. I will pay you back if you don't like the oils.

(John might be a bit pissed..)

If you have kids, you need these oils. I now have many friends who's children are sleeping through the night! (INCLUDING MINE!!)

If you don't have kids, but have a snoring husband, there is an oil for that. Seriously.

I posted a "Why Young Living" post right before this. Read it. Learn about how it works. You will not regret getting these oils.

Also, I'm sorry I said "screw you" earlier. I just get passionate. Can we be friends again?

Reader: Sarah, after all you have done for me with this oil information, of course. I'm sorry too.

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