Saturday, April 5, 2014

Best Gift For A Baby Shower

The title of my blog post is pretty presumptuous considering this is what I gave at the last shower I went to.

I think it's as good as I think it is....

Everyone seems to love it that has used it.

Plus, don'y you get tired of giving the same ol thing over and over again at baby showers? Who needs diapers and wipes anyways? Am I right?

Reader: No, you aren't 

Our good friends Michael and Gina just had a beautiful little baby boy yesterday. Two weeks ago we celebrated him at a baby shower.

I have to say, I was super surprised at how nice this baby shower was. This was a shower hosted by missionaries. (I knew only one of these missionaries. She happens to be stinking adorable, but I couldn't count on the ones I didn't know.) This was a party full of missionaries. Let's be honest. There are some missionaries out there whom have given up on all things relevant. They dress horribly. Their hair is a hot mess. They listen only to hymns. I hate to say this about my fellow people, but it is true. So, I did not know what to expect. Turns out, it was lovely. Great food. Great decorations. Great conversation. Great people.

Moral of the above story: Never judge a missionary...that's all. Don't judge me.

I don't know if y'all know this about me, but I have recently become obsessed with some lovely little bottles of oil.

Reader: Oils?! Sarah, tell me all about this new found love of yours! I had no idea! I want to know more!

So, I read about this oil called Gentle Baby. Everyone on Facebook in my oil groups was talking about it. (I know. Judge away. Actually don't. We just talked about that. Laugh at me, but they are a great way to hear how other people use these oils.)

I ordered some for her as a gift.

I thought it was a nice gift because it was out of the ordinary and something that might help him sleep and her to decrease any stretch marks she might have gotten during the pregnancy.

(Side note: This kid doesn't cry. He is only on day two of his life, but he is the most perfect mellow child ever.)

Well, once I started doing my research for this blog post, (I like to be informed on everything I will post. You are welcome reader.) I realized that I basically gave her a gift more precious than gold.

This stuff is da shiznit.

It has 10 different oils that make up its awesomeness, and it does so much!

I thought that it would calm baby, was good for diaper rash, and helped mom with stretch marks...

Here is a list of testimonial topics that real people have used Gentle Baby for. It was just the first page, but from what I read, it sounds like it is also awesome for all things skin and even cough and stomach issues for young kids.

So, I will be ordering some of this for myself. Sounds like I can use it on me, John or Jackson without any problem. Do you want some too? At least get some for the next baby shower you go to!

10/10 Babies Approve! (I don't know if this statement is true.)
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