Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I have a confession to make

Remember this post about my night with a spider?

It was a crazy night filled with fear and terror.

Reader: Sarah, I still cannot stand that picture of all of the babies on their mom's back. FREAKY!

I know. I still freak when I see a spider.

So, here is my confession.

Spider season is over. We have not had any in our house, and so, I have stopped putting peppermint oil around the house.

(Spiders hate Peppermint.)

Reader: Sarah, It's cool. We forgive you. Don't let it happen again. We have a trusting relationship, so if you say you are going to douse your house in peppermint, than I believe that you will. Please don't lead me on.

Ugh. I know! I am sorry!

Here is the new problem!

It's ROACH season.

Am I the only one who cusses like a sailor when I see a roach? I am not a cusser, but if I see a roach, I scream, swear, and run.

Reader: First, you are a missionary. You are not supposed to swear. Second, I am not reading anymore. I cannot handle that. Please do not post any pictures of roaches. I could not stop itching for a month after reading your post about spiders. Has it even been a month? Anyways, please don't talk about roaches!

I have to! It is my responsibility as an American citizen living in Guatemala to tell you about this!

Reader: Sarah, do you have a dirty house? I am starting to think differently about you.

No. I do not. I have a type A husband. It is not a dirty house at all.

The facts are these: We live in Guatemala, we are surrounded by fields, and it is hot and dry outside.

The roaches are coming in looking for water.

We have only found them in the bathroom and they are dead.

This is a good thing. This means that I have not been swearing much lately.

Reader: What is your point in this story?

My point is this: Last night, I kept thinking I had a roach crawling on me. I freaked out and put peppermint all over myself because GUESS WHAT!


Turns out, I did not have a roach crawling on me. It was my imagination, but the nice thing was, after I put the peppermint all over myself, in my bathroom, and on my curtains and sheets, I slept much better.

How to do this: Place a few drops on a cotton ball and put in window ledges or any holes you might have. (If you live in Guatemala, you probably have a lot of random holes in your house that are a result of shoddy construction work.) Or, place a few drops of peppermint in a spray bottle with about 8 oz of water and spray fabric.  It really smells quite wonderful!

I was no longer worried about a roach crawling on me, because they hate peppermint, and I smelled like peppermint, as did the rest of my side of the room. They might have been crawling on John. I don't know.

(That's his fault for not putting any peppermint on himself. )

Reader: Kind of rude, but if he don't care, I don't care.

The moral of the story: If you come stay with us here in Guatemala, I promise there will be no bugs, but if there are, they will be friendly (like this little guy below) and will want to cuddle with you.

So, I confess my lack of using Peppermint around my house, but I promise it will never happen again because as it turns out, it is always some bug's season. They rule the roost here.

Speaking of roost, there is a rooster I am going to kill one of these days...

*You are welcome for only posting super cute cartoon characters of roaches. I did it for both of us.


  1. So... yesterday, I had a meeting with my Guatemala group. We planned to eat pizza and play games. Instead, we ate pizza and talked about roaches, bats, iguanas and all kinds of other fun things that live in Guatemala. I'm bringing peppermint oil :)

  2. We dont have a lot of iguanas here, but I definitely have at least 10 lizards living in my house. It is a whole new world. If you forget your peppermint, I can spray you at night before you go to bed:)