Saturday, April 12, 2014

Let Them Eat Cake!


I decided to try some desserts using my oils.

Joel (pronounced HO-EL) is one of the kids in our group at the farm. His birthday was yesterday.

I adore him.

I wanted to make him a cake.

Young Living Oil. Tangerine Cake.

I decided he would be my guinea pig.

I bought a box of white cake mix.

(I will NEVER be the person that makes stuff from scratch. However I never thought I would use oils, so I guess we shall see.)

I bought a can of white icing.

I followed the directions on the box and added 12 drops of Tangerine oil.

I used half a can of icing and added 10 drops of Tangerine oil.

I baked the cake.

I mixed the icing.

I rocked my family's world.

John ate it and said, "Whoa! That is good!"

(Might not sound that great, but for the most part, I cannot cook, so this was huge.)

I ate it, and then ate some more, and then ate some more.

Jackson loved it.

Ya'll it is soo good.

It made a normal cake taste fancy and special.

Plus, tangerine does good things for your body!
Read below.

Joel did not get his cake. I got to the farm and told him happy birthday. He said, my birthday isn't until the 20th

I at the cake.

Almost all of it.

No regrets.

Medical Properties of Tangerine
Antitumoral – Counteracting or preventing the formation of malignant tumors; anticancer
Relaxant – Make or become less tense or anxious.
Antispasmodic – preventing or relieving cramps or spasms.
Digestive aid – aids digestion
Circulatory enhancer

Well, then by all means, get you some!
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