Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Skin Tags.

Do y’all know what these are?

Super gross!

Skin tags are part of your skin that have separated from the body, but are still attached. (not a legit definition.)
Skin Tag

(You guys all need to be grateful that I did not post some of the images I found. DO NOT google skin tags. GROSS!)

I just thought they were freaky moles.

I have moles all over my body, so I just figured I was a weirdo.

Apparently everyone has these nasty little things. So, y’all are all a bunch of weirdos too. Seriously, take off all of your clothes (assuming you are not in public) and go look in the mirror. You most likely have one. Gross right?

I was doing some research about the different oils and what they can do. (Once again, you are welcome reader. I do my research.)

I came across many different sites involving Frankincense.  They all said you could remove moles and skin tags with Frank.

To me, if it works, this is a bottle of gold. Like I said, I have moles everywhere! They cover me.

(I’m exaggerating a bit, but really, I have 16 on my neck and face. This is just my face and neck. Crazy I tell you. I have to go to the Derm every time I am in Dallas for a 6th month check up to make sure I don’t have cancer.)

So, I decided to try this on a skin tag on the side of my neck.

First, I’d like to say, I love love love the smell of Frankincense. So, putting it on my neck was great. Don't worry though, the smell doesn't last long. Delicious! I put it on every morning and every night.

Second, It worked! Last week, my skin tag fell off! It’s gone. No bump. Nothin. Gone.

Frankincense: For Skin Tags and Moles

Do you know how much I just saved by not going to the Dr.? (I have no idea because I would never go to a dermatologist here in Guatemala.) If I use this to remove other moles, I will save a lot. I think. What are copays these days?

Another point I have is this, some insurance does not cover cosmetic stuff. So, if you have skin tags or moles that are not medically necessary to remove, you will have to pay full price.

No one wants to do that.

(I say this all while having a best friend who is a dermatologist. I guess I’ll find out if she reads my blog…)

So, there you have it.

Frankincense removes skin tags.

As my friend Liz would say, “BOOM!”

Please don't tell anyone. I do have these. I need this oil.

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