Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Warning: This might seem a bit exaggerated.

I just changed my life.


Coffee. It's important. (Unless you are crazy or super healthy and don't drink it.)

I have never liked straight black coffee. I'm just not that kind of girl. 

I love different creamers in my coffee.

I love White Rock Coffee. I love Starbucks Coffee. I love Cafe Barista.

I love these coffee joints because they make my coffee taste not like coffee.

Let's just set the record straight now. We have no coffee shops where we live. John and I have had some withdrawal because of this. We aren't shaking as much these days and our eyes have completely stopped twitching. Yay! We get our fix when we go into Guatemala City (3 hours away.). 

Because of this, I rely completely on coffee creamer.

This is a sad story all on its own. Coffee creamer is almost impossible to find where we live. No one wants to live on crappy milk and Splenda! Give me my chemical enhanced creamer! (This is probably wrong to say since this is a chemical free oil loving blog..but I am not perfect!)

Reader: What?! You aren't? We thought you were! Sarah, we still think you are! Don't change! You are fantastic!

Thanks:) I think you are pretty great too!

So, we found coffee creamer in our store two weeks ago, and I literally started jumping up and down. Seriously. This was huge. The only problem is that I bought a bottle of it, have used it, and now have to wait until they replace all the expired ones still left on the shelf. It takes them a while to replace stuff here. 

Anyways, my point! Today, I thought, "I should try a drop of peppermint in my coffee." 

Y'all. I cannot even explain the greatness. 

You know the peppermint mocha that Starbucks has at Christmas time? 


It tasted like that. I had a little bit of French Vanilla creamer left and ONE drop of peppermint. Flavored by entire coffee. 

I Want Starbucks Every Day!
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  1. Genius! I like my coffee black, but I'll be telling my friend about this. She can't tolerate black coffee but always laments the calories of her regular coffee.

  2. Yes. so good. Now, I did have some cream in it. I have not tried it straight with one drop...I should do a test..