Monday, April 7, 2014


This is what I wanted to say to some of my kids in English class tonight.

I adore these kids.

I goof around with them. I joke with them. I never require them to pay attention all that much.

(I treat them like I wish I had been treated growing up in school. However, they know almost no English, and it has been almost 9 months. So, maybe this is a bad idea..)

My "precious" little ones at work.

Anyways, I try to make class fun.

Tonight I had a few troublemakers.

Tonight, it pissed me off.

When I want to get their attention, I start talking very quickly and sternly in English.

Their eyes get really wide and they look up at me like I'm crazy.

(This is because I have not taught them any English, and they have no idea what I'm saying. Proud moment for me.)

Well tonight, they thought I was kidding. I wasn't. I kicked 3 kids out of class.

They just kept sitting there.

I finally started motioning with my hands and saying, "Adios!" loudly like a crazy person. The rest of the class started to stand up and leave because they didn't know what was going on. They thought I was kicking everyone out.

They finally realized who I was talking about, and my three troublemakers got up and left.

That was my night. I yelled at a bunch of poor people.

I think John and I are pissy because it is freaking hot here. (He's been pissy since we got home from Guatemala City and immediately started sweating.)

It is 11:30 at night and it is 95 degrees. We get our air conditioning from wall units.

Reader: Oh well, thats good! You probably save a lot of money by just running window units!

No, we don't. To run these window units a normal amount (They are off when we are not in the room.) costs $500 a month. Yes. $500!

So, we got really good about not running them too much. We always have lights off and try to turn them off once the rooms cool down. This has gotten our bill down to $300!

Y'all, can you imagine? $300 to live in darkness and a little bit of cool air.

It's so expensive here because many people just don't pay for their electricity. So, the electric company overcharges those whom do pay. There is only one electric all of Guatemala. We can't pick and choose. We just have to pay the man.

Well, I say screw the man, and so do many Guatemalans! They keep their electricity on without paying because if someone from the electric company comes to their area of town, they all show up outside with guns and threaten to shoot the company workers. Seriously.

To summarize: I'm thinking of getting a gun and I think I might need to rub some Joy on my heart. I also need a pool. (Preferably one that has no parasites in it.)

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