Friday, April 4, 2014


Dara (For all you Gringos out there it is pronounced DA-RA..I realize this is just how it is spelled. I don't know how to type it out phonetically) is precious.

I used to play "Simon Dice" with her when she was a little lady.

(Simon Says: I literally only knew enough Spanish to tell her to lift her hands above her head. Then I would tickle her armpits. She thought this was hilarious. At least, she pretended to.)

She is Julio and Lucki's oldest daughter, and she is so sweet. I literally adore her. Jackson is obsessed with her. He always says he wants to kiss and hug her. (I don't know how I feel about this, but I am not opposed to him marrying an older woman one day.)

The Garcia family came over to our house last week and Dara was not feeling well. She had an upset stomach and headache.

In broken Spanish (and a lot of miming) I made sure it was ok for Dara to try some oils to see if it would help her pain.

(Side note, miming is huge here. The kids love it. I find this odd.)

We put Di-Gize on her stomach and Peppermint on her head. (not like in an anointing type way. We rubbed it on her temples.)

Not even kidding, 10 minutes later, she was fine.

Neither her head or stomach hurt anymore.

It really amazed me how fast it worked. I think I thought maybe these oils were only working in my head. You know? My imagination. Not really working. It was all a coincidence.

Reader: Oh Sarah. We know. We often wonder what is going on in that head of yours. Very strange.

Well, when it worked on someone, so quickly, it kind of took me back. I could physically see the difference in her. She got up and started playing and eating. Just 10 minutes before, she looked like she was about to cry.

They work suckas!

Stop Those Stomach Problems!
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Dara is one of the only people that Jackson allows to hold him.
He is very picky, but always wants Dara.

Di-Gize is my favorite oil to date.
(not to go out on a date with....I mean like, so far..)

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