Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dog Hair Be Gone!

Alright, I know you all enjoy my witty and humorous personality, but let's skip all that and get down to the nitty gritty.

We have three dogs.

Dogs have lots of fur.

Dogs shed their fur.

(Unless you get one of those really expensive ones. Snob.)

Reader: Sarah, I am not a snob. So rude!

Ok. I know. I'm just messing with you. We just like to rescue our dogs. OK. We only rescued one, but still. We are better than you...

OK. Focus Sarah. Stay on topic.

Problem: We have a lot of rugs. We have a crappy vacuum. We have three dogs. We have lots of fur on these rugs. Dog's smell bad. Our rugs smell bad.

Solution: Create something to clean rugs with.

Carpet/Rug Cleaner
1/2 cup vinegar 
8 drops Lemon oil
1/2 cup water 

How To:
Poor all of the above into a spray bottle
Spray rug. 
Wipe rug in big circles with hand towel. 
Collect lots of fur in your hands. 
Gag a little. 
Throw fur in trash.
High five yourself.

While this was kind of nasty, it got almost all of the dog fur off the rug and definitely cleaned up all the dirt. You should have seen my white towel. 

Also, our rug is huge. This was very good exercise. I was sweating when I was finished. TMI

Reader: Sarah, I get that you cleaned your rug, but now it smells like vinegar. I HATE that smell.

Oh girl, I know. I do to. So does my husband. He actually asked me today which oil I had that smelled like vinegar. Silly guy. None of them do. It was just actual vinegar. Of course oddly enough, this same vinegar that he hates so much is one of the key ingredients in the amazing 321 Beans recipe that he loves so much. Like really LOVES. Maybe more than me..

Problem: My husband loves beans more than me.

Second Problem: My house now smells like vinegar.

Solution: Make something awesome.

Rug Deodorizer:
Your favorite Young Living Oil (I suggest Lavender or Purification)
1 cup of baking soda
Salt/Pepper shaker
Big cup

How To:
Pour baking soda into cup. 
Put 10 drops of your favorite oil into baking soda.
Put your hand over the top of the cup.
Pour as much as possible into salt/pepper shaker
Sprinkle all over rug
Repeat with leftover mixture
Leave for 10 minutes
Breathe in that yumminess.
Enjoy the deliciousness of all things oil.

So, if you have lots of dogs or just have not cleaned your rugs for a while, try this. Also, if your house smells bad, make the baking soda oil mixture in a mason jar, take off metal top, and replace with fabric. Leave in smelly room. You will smell the deliciousness of the oils. 

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