Sunday, April 20, 2014


Do you struggle with anxiety?

I don't.

Don't hate. I just don't.

I don't really worry about much.

(Except for getting shot by drug dealers on the highways of Guatemala)

I never studied in high school.  (Except for one semester. My parents were starting to think I was stupid, so I did my homework and got a 3.99 that semester. The highest you could get was a 4. This pissed them off once they realized I was actually smart but just really lazy.)
  • I just figured high school would work out. 

When I was "going to college" I didn't really go.
  • I just figured I would find a husband and he would take care of me. 

I skipped most of my classes and taught myself the work the night before exams.
  • I just figured I'd do well enough to pass.

When my husband proposed right before my exams, I didn't go to my exams. I skipped them and dropped out of college with one semester left.
  • I figured I could find some job doing something. Plus, he is really smart, so I figured he'd bring in the bacon. 

When I didn't like my job at a certain leasing company, I quit.
  • I figured John would cover the slack.

When I didn't like my next job, I quit.
  • I figured John would take care of me...(This happened a few more times. I'm lucky he still loves me.)

When we were raising support to move to Guatemala, I didn't worry about it.
  • I figured if we were supposed to raise it, we would.

So you can chalk this up to four things.
  1. I am naive. 
  2. I am lazy.
  3. I have faith.
  4. God has shed His grace upon me and shielded me from my stupidity.

Here is the deal. I realize that hundreds of thousands of people do struggle with anxiety.

It is a scary matter.

It can eat at you and consume you.

Besides turning to God, which is my first recommendation, I also suggest oils.

Reader: Oh gosh. Here we go. No, I'm just kidding. I love when you start talking oils Sarah. 

So, I have a friend. A blogger friend. She struggles with anxiety and she said she found the perfect recipe for it. She had heard from others that this worked and tried it herself. She loved the combo.

So I made a graphic for her, and thought I would share it on here.

The best part about these oils is that they come in the Premium Starter Kit.

If you struggle with anxiety and it eats at you, why not try it?

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